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After many Summers spent in the South of France, the capital of Perfumery, Sarah, the founder fell in love with scent and after many courses in scent blending decided to start her own Luxury Vegan Candle Company.

"I love candles, and wanted to create a highly scented, luxury, affordable candle made with 100% natural wax (no Soy or GMOs) in a sleek jar that will work with any interior." 

I wanted each candle to be inspired by a certain somewhere, so each candle created has a bit of a story that I hope people can relate to.

Scent No.1 Summer Garden is inspired by a beautiful summer garden. Long summer evenings with beautiful scents of different flowers. I love the smell of Jasmin so this scent in particular has a lovely strong scent of Jasmin that fills the air

Scent No. 2 was created after an incredible magical holiday to Finland. it was -35'C and the snow was up to our eyes, the air was freezing. We were surrounded by Pine trees. This is the scent for No.2.


Creating the perfect packaging was really important to us. Something that's sleek and timeless and is ethically manufactured using either 100% recycled or FSC certified board.

Each box is hand stamped with Gold Wax, and it doesn't end there...

Inside each box is a small packet of seeds for you to grow and reuse your candle jar when you have finished burning your candle.  

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